Here is a selection of psalms. We hope you enjoy them. The music is by Andrew Wilson-Dickson and sung by the Welsh Camerata choir. The psalms are from a CD available from the composer.

Psalm 96 takes as its refrain verses from Genesis (ch 6) which follows the story of Noah's Ark and the flood. This psalm offers us hope in a time of crisis and worry...

Also find Psalm 25, a psalm for Holy Week, asking God to remember us in our present difficulties and recalling the words of one of the thieves crucified next to Jesus.

Psalm 33 is a shout of joy, just right for Easter!

Psalm 116 is a psalm of gratitude: what can we do to offer thanks to God for all he's done for us. The answers are found in the verses.

Psalm 32 is a psalm of forgiveness. Not asking God for forgiveness casts a cloud over our relationship with him, just like with parents and children!

Psalm 133 celebrates the delight of being together - which perhaps we are rediscovering in lockdown and through the internet...

Psalm 57: this psalm setting was compiled in lockdown from the voices of our Music Group.

Psalm 100: Jubilate Deo. A famous psalm of joy and praise. Soloist: Robert Adams