CUC Music Group

Worship Music at Canton Uniting Church has been under the leadership of Andrew Wilson-Dickson since 2001. The principle is simple: any member of the fellowship is encouraged to join the Music Group, no conditions attached, except that they commit themselves when they can to rehearse from 6-45pm till 8 every Friday.

Over the years we have had a varying number of people, the maximum being about 15. At the moment we average at about 8. Anyone with instrumental skills, no matter how modest, is very welcome. At the moment we work with piano, organ, timpani, violin, alto sax and bassoon. FREE lessons are offered on piano (on a top quality grand piano) or (pedal) organ from Andrew, who is a highly experienced classical concert performer and teacher.

Being a member of the Music Group is a great way to improve musical skills, even if rusty, or to give children the chance to play or sing in a group. This experience is both bonding and satisfying!

Occasionally the Music Group gives informal concerts and and is planning to present a Musical with a Christian theme this year.

A CD created by the Music Group is available for £5.

Contact Andrew at for further information.