A space for hire

The original concept for the new building, guided by the architect Siarlys Evans, was to be a facility for the whole community. The sanctuary is thus an open and flexible space, warm and welcoming. Its maximum seating is 100 with an adaptable layout.

A number of groups use the space on a weekly basis, and CUC is pleased to host events for a modest fee. The sanctuary is unusual for a church in having a Yamaha S6 grand piano in excellent condition. This makes the space particularly good for classical music and jazz. There is also a small digital organ alongside other instruments.

The site is an alcohol-free zone.

Unfortunately, owing to the problems caused by Covid-19, the church is also people-free zone. We regret our deprivation of live music and the cancellation of concerts - bad for the soul!

But, thinking ahead: for enquiries for hire, please contact

Audrey Takle, bookings secretary
‭029 2037 7757