The Church community

As a congregation we come from a wide range of backgrounds and hold a variety of views on many different issues. As you would expect from our history we have people from Baptist and United Reformed roots but there are also people from Anglican, Brethren, Quaker and Roman Catholic traditions. We are also mixed in terms of age, culture, sexuality and background. We value this diversity and do not expect people to conform to a particular Church tradition.

Pattern of care and nurture (teaching the faith and discipling)

Since our minister of the church took early retirement on the grounds of ill health, the diaconate has had responsibility for pastoral oversight of church members. There is a Pastoral Group to oversee this arrangement and there is a pastoral report at each Deacons’ Meeting. This is an area that the church recognises needs to be developed further.

Pattern of leadership & decision making (elders, church meetings)

The deacons are elected by the membership and they meet on a monthly basis to discuss and make decisions about the practical details of managing the church, and to provide guidance on the life of the church. When members become deacons for the first time they are also ordained as Elders in the URC. They are elected for a term of three years and can be re-elected for a further term once before taking a 1 year sabbatical.


There are 2 church officers, a Secretary and Treasurer who are elected annually by the church meeting. There is also a Pulpit Secretary and Assistant Treasurer (not elected). Currently the church enjoys the support of an Interim Moderator.
Church meetings are held quarterly in the church to keep informed about matters relating to the church, and to vote on issues which need to be agreed.