Campaigns and Charities

We have for many years been supporting two campaigns in particular: Christians Against Torture and Trade Justice.

Christians Against Torture campaigns for the release of Prisoners of Conscience regardless of their nationality or faith.

We have been supporting Trade Justice for many years and are hoping that the MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY campaign will see real progress in making a difference to the lives of the 2.8 billion people, almost half the world's population, who live on less than $2 a day. One of our members went to Brighton last September and joined those outside the Labour Party Conference trying to get the message across that over 11 million children will die from poverty-related illness this year and that the rich nations must act to promote Debt Relief, Trade Justice and higher expenditure on International Aid. See or

As well as supporting Christian Aid and collecting for Emergency relief Appeals, such as the recent Asia Disaster Appeal following the devastation cause by the earthquake on the 26th December, every three months we select a charity to which we send our Communion offerings. Recently these have included:

  • Ethiopiaid for the work of the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital that specializes in the treatment of Vesico-vaginal fistulas which occur as a result of obstructed labour and which leaves the sufferer enduring permanent double incontinence unless treated. The hospital offers effective treatment of this condition and transforms the lives of those women who are affected by it. Early marriage increases the risk of such fistulas as the body is not yet fully grown. Consequently, many patients are teenagers. Another problem is the traditional practice of female genital mutilation which causes its own harrowing problems and increases the risk of complications during pregnancy. Ethiopiaid tries to educate communities about the alternatives to these practices.
  • The Myasthenia Gravis Association supports those with this distressing illness that blocks the normal signals that control the muscles. Although there is no cure, appropriate medication and therapy can reduce the symptoms, which include difficulty in walking, talking, eating - even breathing. If you want to learn more you can look up the website:
  • The National Deaf Children's Society. The NDCS is an organization of families, parents and carers, which exists to enable deaf children to maximize their skills and abilities and to enjoy life to the full. If you want to learn more you can look up the website:

As well as those supported by the general church body, individual organizations in the church also nominate and collect for particular charities. In 2004 our Junior Church collected for Treasure Trove, a charity that sets up and pays for children with disabilities to go on holidays. This is great fun for the children and allows some rest and recreation for their carers. UCY our women's group raised money for the National Autistic Society for their residential home Orchard House.